We just grew something new in the Blueberry Patch

It took us a bit of time to make a decision but the installation is almost complete. All the details in a future post, for now just a few pictures of the installation and some of the guys that did the work.


Located about 150 feet from the front of the house. Right at the top edge of the blueberry patch. Irrigation lines in the foreground still need to be relocated. Every project on the farm leads to another.


There are fifty two 315 watt photovoltaic modules. They cover an area 85 feet across and a bit over 11 feet deep. Fixed at the optimal angle for our location.


They have some wire management, some testing and a final inspection. With any luck our friends from B G & E will swap out the meter in the next few weeks and we will begin to contribute what we produce to the grid. In the mean time work on getting tomatoes planted and of course the blueberries continues.