Thank you all for your patience. We are ready for you to visit the farm and pick some berries.

Berrries on bush

Come out and pick this week. We will be open Monday 6/13 from 9am to 12 noon, Wednesday 6/15 from 9am to noon and Saturday 6/18 from 8am to noon.

It has been a challenging few months weather wise. Warm early, cold late, wet and then dry. Mother Nature loves us but she doesn’t make this easy. We will have limited hours in our attempt to match the available fruit with the unknown, until you arrive, number of pickers.

Same prices as in past years $4.00 a pint and $8.00 a quart.

Click on the contact tab if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to change our plans so check back here or call 240 324 6110 before you load up the wagon and hitch up the horses.