OPEN SAT. 6/19/21 from 9 to noon

The cicadas are molesting our plants. They will recover. We still have ripe blueberries in need of pickers. Please join us Saturday morning 6/19 from 9am to noon.

Please read carefully.

We will be open for u-pick blueberries on Saturday 6-19-21 from 9am to noon. New this year. A nod toward social distancing. When you are out in the patch remember to keep your distance from other pickers. The farmer in charge of sales will not be wearing a mask but is old enough to have been vaccinated months ago. If you have a cough and fever stay home.

The way it works: We try to balance the ripe berries (so there are enough for everyone who shows up), the weather (not raining or excessively hot and humid) with the opportunity to come to the farm and pick. This is not a perfect system. But the forecast for Saturday 6-19-21 from 9am to noon is looking good. The supply of ripe berries may be limited due to damage from our friendly cicadas. But most everyone who has visited so far this season as left smiling.

We have containers. We sell by the pint and quart (not weight). The prices are the same as last year and for the many years before that. You pick and then pay the farmer $4.00 a pint and $8.00 a quart. The containers are full when the berries are level with the top of the container. Overfilled containers cost more. Really – no pyramids.

Things to keep in mind. No toilets (so plan ahead). Bring a water bottle picking can be thirsty work. We don’t take credit cards. Cash or a check payable to Blueberry Gardens will do the trick. No smoking anywhere on the farm. Leave your pets at home. Yes children are welcome. Most parking is directly off the driveway on the grass.

If you have any questions that were not covered above just hit the CONTACT tab and send us an email. The farmer in charge of sales does not own a smart phone. So I won’t be checking email once I’m outside sitting under the canopy. So don’t expect a response between 9am and noon on Saturday.