No Berries – 2022 Season Closes

So this morning as I was preparing my usual muesli for breakfast I took a wander in the blueberry patch. I managed to find seven barely ripe berries. As is often the case we reach the point with each variety when there are just not any berries left to pick. Our earliest variety has come and gone. If pressed to explain we might respond in three ways. The impact of the cicadas from last year, a reduced number of plants and the weather (it always the weather) warmer earlier than usual and then a late frost at just the wrong moment. We will see if and when any of the mid or late season varieties will produce sufficent quantities so we can be open during July or August. When that happens we will post it here. No one is more disappointed than your farmers. Not having berries for you to pick is almost as much work for us as having them. So it goes.