Open again Sunday 6/22

Thanks to almost everyone who came out to pick today. While the easiest picking of the season may be behind us there are still a lot of ripe berries waiting to be picked. We will open tomorrow morning at 8am and be open throughout the day. First Day (aka Sunday) is time for Quaker Meeting for some of us so please take a moment  to read the instructions on the table if no one is around to greet you, we are still open.

You will find containers on the table under the blue canopy, please pay by leaving the correct amount of cash or a check in the cash box drawer when you are done picking.

Parking can sometimes be a challenge. If all the spots off the gravel driveway that leads up to the sales canopy are filled, you can pull off the blacktopped entrance road on to the grass and then walk up the hill.

Remember that our berries are organic and are safe to eat right from the bush. Taste a few as you begin to pick so that you will recognize the ripest ones.