Further Thoughts for Saturday 6/24

Not many berries left to ripen after lots of picking Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. We already announced plans to be open from 9am to noon on Saturday and we will be open. Everyone who joins us on the farm needs to do so with the understanding that we are at the point where demand will likely exceed supply.

A few folks continue to be confused by our selling blueberries in 2017 after announcing that we were done after 20 years and concentrating on vegetables. So are we. After a terrible 2016 we decided to conduct an experiment with the rear field (about 75% of our plants). No pruning, mulching, weed control and irrigation. What would happen if we allowed these non-native plants to fend for themselves.

At least for this year they are producing blueberries. There is also a bumper crop of Canadian Thistle. They are nasty thorny plants. We will open the back field for picking on Saturday along with the much more picker-friendly front field. No small children out back. Common sense suggests long pants and shoes. We have marked the rows which have berries.

If you decide to join us please remember the sunscreen, the water bottle and that we no longer have the porta-john so plan ahead.