2021 Season

2021 Season – Our 25th Year – 

Blueberry Picking Kids and Mom

Our early season berries were wonderful again last year. Big, plump and with excellent flavor. We often heard that “they are the best” and we didn’t disagree. We managed to be open for several days each week from the middle of June into August. Our mid-season and late season berries have performed beyond our usual expectations. We look forward to the time in 2021 when once again we invite you to join us here on the farm when our schedules, the weather and enough berries are ripe.

Every  year brings new challenges. We have vague recollections of the damage to our plants from the Brood X Cicadas in 2004 but no specific recollection of how the picking was impacted. We shall see.  But as always we are prepared once again to deal with the weird weather, the irrigation repairs, the electric fence, the birds, the crab grass and the thistle. 

When there are ripe berries to pick we will post it here on our website and notify the folks on our veggie list by email. Sign up if those notices would be of interest: click on Join our mailing list and you will be added to the list.

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