Open Saturday morning 8/3 at 8am

The mid and late season berries have begun to ripen. Please join us on the farm first thing Saturday for limited picking. We will open the gate to the lower fields at 8am and will be open until 2pm or until the berries are gone. We will post a new message here when we close and change the phone message at 240 324 6110 when the berries have all been picked. Here is hoping for more lovely weather.

My blueberry-less breakfast

Folks keep asking when we might reopen. If my morning granola is any indication (with peaches and bananas, no blueberries) we are now operating a bird breakfast bar and they are not interested in sharing. Our historically low fruit set means that there just aren’t enough berries in the patch to be open. We remain optimistic that the situation may change in the weeks ahead but it is looking more and more like we are closing in on saying “see you next year”.

Attention 7/13 birds and the first few customers got the berries

An early morning walk of the patch was really pretty depressing. Lots of lovely birds but very few berries. So our intention to be open has run afoul of Mother Nature. We will see about getting up the bird netting and see what happens. Please check back for updates and further inaccurate predictions.

Finally, Open Saturday 7/13

The weather for our area has been has been trending a bit cooler than usual and our mid-season varieties have been slow to ripen. Robert walked the patch earlier today and reports that we have 30 to 50 quarts of berries ready to pick. You will need to walk a little further and search a little longer but there are excellent berries to be found. We don’t have an enormous amount so come early (opening at 9am) and get a pint or several quarts before they are all gone.

No berries at the moment

Our wonderful early season berries are now done for the season. We are anxiously awaiting the ripening of the mid-season varieties and hope they will provide us with a large enough crop to satisfy the demand from our many loyal customers. Check back over the coming weeks to find out when we might reopen for picking.

Blueberry Forecasting – No Berries for Saturday 6/29

You might think that after all these years we would have developed a really reliable method of predicting how many berries and when, but we have not. One of the challenges to the farming thing is all the 1000’s of factors that affect the result, so predicting is hard. This week we have been telling lots of people that we will have ripe berries and be open on Saturday at 8am. We will be here but we are now letting everyone know that there really aren’t enough of the early season berries out in the patch to make the trip worth your time and effort. We have mid and late season varieties that will ripen in the weeks ahead–please check back to see whether and when we will be open. Have a lovely weekend.

6/26 update

A bit warm for picking but not for ripening. The berries are big and sweet. Come out after dinner or on the way home when the temperatures begin to fall. We will be open the rest of the day 6/26 until 8pm. No better time to pick a pint or two.

Surprise opening Wednesday 6/26

This warm weather is great for ripening blueberries. Robert just walked the patch and says “we should be open in the morning”. So we will be open Wednesday morning starting at 8am. The patch will be open all day so come on by when you have a chance. If you can’t find time today come out on Saturday morning when we will be open once again.

June 22nd — Closed for the weekend

It’s been a busy Saturday morning and all our ripe berries have been picked. We are now closed for the weekend. We will let the berries ripen this week and expect to be open again next Saturday, June 29th, for more picking.