No berries at the moment

Our wonderful early season berries are now done for the season. We are anxiously awaiting the ripening of the mid-season varieties and hope they will provide us with a large enough crop to satisfy the demand from our many loyal customers. Check back over the coming weeks to find out when we might reopen for picking.

Blueberry Forecasting – No Berries for Saturday 6/29

You might think that after all these years we would have developed a really reliable method of predicting how many berries and when, but we have not. One of the challenges to the farming thing is all the 1000’s of factors that affect the result, so predicting is hard. This week we have been telling lots of people that we will have ripe berries and be open on Saturday at 8am. We will be here but we are now letting everyone know that there really aren’t enough of the early season berries out in the patch to make the trip worth your time and effort. We have mid and late season varieties that will ripen in the weeks ahead–please check back to see whether and when we will be open. Have a lovely weekend.

6/26 update

A bit warm for picking but not for ripening. The berries are big and sweet. Come out after dinner or on the way home when the temperatures begin to fall. We will be open the rest of the day 6/26 until 8pm. No better time to pick a pint or two.

Surprise opening Wednesday 6/26

This warm weather is great for ripening blueberries. Robert just walked the patch and says “we should be open in the morning”. So we will be open Wednesday morning starting at 8am. The patch will be open all day so come on by when you have a chance. If you can’t find time today come out on Saturday morning when we will be open once again.

June 22nd — Closed for the weekend

It’s been a busy Saturday morning and all our ripe berries have been picked. We are now closed for the weekend. We will let the berries ripen this week and expect to be open again next Saturday, June 29th, for more picking.

Berries again on June 22nd

After a very successful Open House all of our ripe berries have gone off to happy new homes. There are more berries ripening and we are planning to be open again on Saturday morning June 22nd starting at 8am. Come early and fill our pint and quart containers quickly.

Blueberry Gardens Day — June 15

Join us at Blueberry Gardens on June 15 from 10 am to 4 pm for our annual Open House. Learn about lavender, beekeeping, composting, and more, and attend a yoga, t’ai chi, or drama kids class. There will also be lavender products for sale, massage, bodywork, Reiki, and of course our organic u pick blueberries by the pint and quart! Admission: $5 per person (children 12 and under free).

More details and a complete schedule of the day’s activities here: Blueberry Gardens Day.

Waiting for Berries

It’s been an unusually cold Spring, and though we’ve always had ripe berries by early June in years past, this year has left us guessing. We will post again as soon as the berries are ripe. Throughout the season, you can check the web site each day to find out if we’ll be open for picking.