As Neci the WHFS DJ Often Said

Stick a fork in us we’re done. We sent the Porta John back to Gene’s (thanks for all the wonderful service over the years), took the Open All Day Sign away from the top of the driveway and recorded a new phone message that makes it official. We recorded just $2,000 in berry sales this year and that means that after twenty years the time has come to shift our focus here on the farm. We are still Blueberry Gardens but no longer plan to grow enough berries to operate as a u-pick. Thanks to everyone who came and picked over the years, especially to those of you who came time again and helped to sustain our dream.

We will continue to grow vegetables for those of you who value organic and local in their food choices. Click on the contact tab and ask us to send you our weekly veggie news. You order what you want, we harvest twice a week, you pick up here at the farm.