The message at the moment is that after a very busy Saturday morning we are going to be closed while we wait for berries to ripen. I’ve just returned from the berry patch where I was unable to find a single ripe berry. So check back later this week and once the berries begin to ripen we will post the time and date that we will be open next.

We are open today 6/18 from 8am to noon. That’s what we announced all week. The amount of ripe berries is disappointing. Robert says they will all be gone by 10am. So if you are reading this now and still plan to come by please be ready for disappointment. Remember that no one is more disappointed then your farmers. It takes the same amount of time and effort to grow a small harvest as it would for a bountiful harvest. We will have plenty of veggies.

Thank you all for your patience. We are ready for you to visit the farm and pick some berries.

Berrries on bush

Come out and pick this week. We will be open Monday 6/13 from 9am to 12 noon, Wednesday 6/15 from 9am to noon and Saturday 6/18 from 8am to noon.

It has been a challenging few months weather wise. Warm early, cold late, wet and then dry. Mother Nature loves us but she doesn’t make this easy. We will have limited hours in our attempt to match the available fruit with the unknown, until you arrive, number of pickers.

Same prices as in past years $4.00 a pint and $8.00 a quart.

Click on the contact tab if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to change our plans so check back here or call 240 324 6110 before you load up the wagon and hitch up the horses.


It has been a very unusual spring. The weather has caused your farmers more than the usual amount of concern. But there will be berries, but just not quite yet. Keep checking back and when the time to pick arrives we will update all the messages.

We are hoping that these frosty early April nights are not going to damage the flowers that are already beginning to open as a result of the unseasonably warm March. We shall see. There is so much in farming and life that is beyond our control.


Three year olds scouting the patch.

The weather (which some say we pay too much attention to) has Spring off to a very early start. This could be good news. The flowers have begun to appear on the early season varieties. We will keep you updated. Yes I have already been cutting grass. Crazy.

We are taking down the sales tent. Putting away the signs. Turning our attention to preparing for the 2016 season.

We hope to have blueberries again in June of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who came out to pick during 2015.

If you would like to purchase veggies from our hoop house please send us your email address and we will add you to our list of customers.


We will be open this Saturday 8/22 for the final opportunity to u-pick this summer. There are a limited amount of berries. If you come out to pick you will need to be prepared to walk a little further and look a little deeper. We will open at 8am and expect all the berries to be gone by midday. So come out early. Remember your water bottle, sensible shoes and please drive safe. Questions for the farmers, just click on the contact tab and send us an email.

We are currently closed while berries ripen. The last of our late season berries are looking forward to some warm summer days before they are ready to pick. Check back later this week and see what our plans are. To those of you who came out this past Saturday please check out our post from 7/24 for a great blueberry pie recipe. As always we look forward to seeing you on the farm when the berries are ripe and plentiful enough to be open once again.

We will be open once again this Saturday 8/15 beginning at 8am. Come out early and beat the heat. By noon time most of the ripe berries will be gone. In addition to blueberries we will have local honey and eggs. The hoop house has been growing some wonderful tomatoes and other veggies. Come visit us on the farm.

Remember your water bottle and that all of our parking is on the grass.