2017 Season – Our 1st Limited Berry Year

Blueberry Picking Kids and Mom

Our berries were wonderful again last year. Big, plump and with excellent flavor. We often heard that “they are the best”, and we didn’t disagree. But we only managed to be open for four days during one week in June. The birds seem to have picked them all as they ripen after that.

So we are cutting back on the effort we expend on  u-pick blueberries after twenty years. The weird weather, the irrigation repairs, the electric fence, the birds, the crab grass and the thistle. People always asked if you can grow blueberries in Maryland, the answer now “is someone else can”. We still will grow things, but the plan is to just concentrate on vegetables and flowers from now on and sell blueberries and strawberries on a much more limited scale.

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